LPG/LNG Heating Continuous Green/Oolong Tea Steaming Machine DL-6CSTL-Q100

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Benefit Of Tea

Benefit Of Tea

2021-06-19 14:19:46

Drinking tea is becoming a way of life for people, and drinking tea also has a certain positive effect on people’s health.Choosing a good equipment can help improve the quality of tea.

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

2021-06-18 17:32:04

3. Ventilation Pu\'er tea also "breathes", and its transformation conditions require oxygen and moisture. If you store Pu\'er tea at home, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because the oxygen in the circulating air is ben

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

2021-06-18 17:31:51

Generally speaking, ripe tea with normal fermentation is easier to taste after being stored for two to three years. If it is slightly fermented, it will take three years or more for the taste to come out. If the fermentation is too heavy, the opposite is

357g Of Pu\'er Tea Cake

357g Of Pu\'er Tea Cake

2021-06-18 17:31:36

There are various shapes of pressed Pu\'er tea on the market, including big cake, small cake, tuo-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, brick-shaped and so on. Yunnan Pu\'er tea is a major specialty product in Yunnan and is loved by many people. 357 grams is r

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LPG/LNG Heating Continuous Green/Oolong Tea Steaming Machine DL-6CSTL-Q100

DL-6CSTL-Q100 used for Green/Oolong tea processing, use gas heating, diesel heating can be customized, drum diameter 100cm, length 480cm, speed and temperature adjustable. Capacitu about 400 kg per hour.

  • Model : DL-6CSTL-Q100
  • Dimension : 1420×6500×2810 mm
  • Voltage : 380V 50HZ
  • Drum inner diameter : 1000 mm
  • Drum inner length : 4800 mm
  • Drum speed : 5-37 min
  • Heating type : Gas
  • Efficiency : 400 kg/h
  • Product Details

The gas heating continuous fixation machine is mainly used for batch production of green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, Ivan tea, etc.
It has the advantages of controllable temperature, high production efficiency, and low labor costs.
This kind of fixation machine uses gas heating, using three stages of fire platters, the working temperature of each section can be adjusted. Because the tea fixation follows the order from high temperature to low temperature. Therefore, the tea made by this machine is more even, the green color is better, and the aroma is more sufficient.
Automatic solenoid valve design, heating automatically starts and stops, the solenoid valve automatically closes when the temperature reaches the set temperature, and the machine stops heating. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the solenoid valve opens and the machine reheats, which can save fuel.
Equipped with a water vapor discharge system to discharge hot and humid exhaust gas from the machine to make the tea color look good and avoid quality degradation.


1. There are three valves at the bottom, which can be manually ignited in case of power failure, so tea leaves are not wasted.
2. Double ignition needles and fully automatic ignition coils ensure 100% successful ignition and no waste of fuel.
3. Preserve the design of the combustion head of the constant burning flame, reserve the constant burning flame after the ignition is successful, re-ignite from the constant burning flame, reduce the pressure of the ignition needle and the ignition coil, and improve the service life.
4. The inner cylinder adopts 3.5mm thick steel plate to prevent the deformation of the cylinder body at high temperature, the work can store energy, the heat loss is less, the temperature change is smaller, and the energy is more energy-saving.


Heating Continuous Steaming Machine is suitable for processing black / green / oolong / white / dark / herbal tea, the following is the working time required for the above tea production.

 Type Of Tea  Working Time
 Green Tea  4-6 Minutes
 Oolong Tea  4-6 Minutes
 Herbal Tea  4-6 Minutes

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing time shall be determined according to the actual situation.



Heating Continuous Steaming Machine specification list:

Model DL-6CSTL-Q100
Dimension 1420×6500×2810 mm
Voltage 380/50 V/Hz
Drum inner diameter 1000 mm
Drum inner length 4800 mm
Drive motor Power 4 KW
Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 380 V
Air exhausting
Power 370 W
Speed 1400
Voltage 380 V
Drum speed 5-37 min
Heating type Gas
Efficiency 400 kg/h

Specification of all of Gas Heating Continuous Steaming Machine.

Model 6CSTL-Q80 6CSTL-Q100
Drum Diameter 80 cm 100 cm
Drum Length 400 cm 480 cm
Capacity 200 kg/h 400 kg/h

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


LPG LNG Gas Heating Green Tea Steaming Machine Continuous

LPG LNG Gas Heating Green Tea Steaming Machine Continuous

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